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A Tale of Terra

Discussion in 'Erotic Incest Stories' started by Mek, Nov 9, 2017.

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    Incredible work !
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    Thank you @trklyarien. I hope you will keep reading, there is plenty more to come.

    _ _ _

    “Uncle Dick!” Josh exclaimed in shock at the sight of Richard walking into the room. Terra looked up, surprised and a little confused. She had not expected him home so early and opened her mouth to say something, gurgled slightly and then flushed bright pink with embarrassment as she realised that her mouth was still half full of cum. This resulted in an uncomfortable tickling in the back of her throat and she coughed. This in turn let out a trickle of the slimy white stuff escape from the side of her mouth and rolled down her chin as Josh pushed her aside and stood up, his penis still hard and wet stuck out in front of him and he made to reach for his trousers. The whole scene looked quite hysterical to Richard, but Terra was too embarrassed to comprehend any of the mirth.

    “Sit down.” Richard barked. The deep, gravelly order rumbled from him and she recognised the look on his intense face. It was a look that she had seen worn on the face of other men when they were mad, either at her or at someone else. It was a look she hated, it scared her and she had dreaded that it was only a matter of time before she saw it on Richard. But although his face looked mad, his eyes portraying a fire burning within him, his body did not act mad. In fact, the rest of him seemed to be quite relaxed. The physical aggression she expected to be normal when someone was angry was entirely absent. He just stood there at ease, his hands sunk loosely into his pockets as though he were watching the sun set. Josh instantly done precisely as commanded, leaving his trousers where they were, and Terra sat up on the sofa next to him.

    “Now, what is going on here?” Asked Richard plainly, as the two of them sat before him looking very guilty, staring up like two frightened meerkats caught red handed. Josh tried to cover his modesty with his hands and the bottom of his t-shirt, which just made him look more awkward. With that, all the rage in his facial features softened, the fire in his eyes disappeared and he looked down upon them with a new look more akin to disappointment than anything else Terra could recognise. She did not know what to do or what to say, and simply shrunk back into the sofa in the hope that he was not in the process building up to something more terrible. The embarrassment she had felt at first, of being caught in the act, was replaced with a deeper fearful sense of regret that made her stomach churn. She swallowed hard, tasting the last of his sperm as it cleared her throat.

    “It was her idea.” Josh replied defensively and quite instinctively, pointing in Terra’s direction. His words felt like a complete betrayal, for although they were true, it had very much been her idea and her persuasion that had started it, she had expected him to have stood up for her, even just a little. Terra though, had no defence at all. All the strength of confidence she had found to tease Josh with had disappeared the moment Richard had appeared, as though it had abandoned her to her fate like rats leaving a sinking ship. The only instinct that controlled her in that moment was the overpowering desire to hide away in the smallest space she could find. None small enough seemed to be forthcoming however. The corners of her eyes began to sting with the formation of tears and she sniffed at them in the hope that Richard would not notice.

    “What about this?” Richard asked, picking up the discarded magazine from the floor. “I guess you are going to tell me that this is hers too?” He opened the cover and flicked through a few pages. To his credit, Josh nodded honestly with a broad look of shame etched on his face. After all it was his to begin with and he still felt like he owned it, even if Terra had claimed otherwise. But she had given up paying attention to him. She wanted to speak, to say something that might help, or something that would say that she was sorry, but her voice had also abandoned her. “Not bad.” Richard suddenly said approvingly after looking at the magazine for a few moments. He turned the magazine towards Josh, showing a full double page spread from the middle of the magazine of a man and a woman posed in much the same way as the two youths had been just a few minutes earlier.

    “Please don’t tell my dad.” Josh pleaded, his voice erupting out as though he had been trying to hold it back. It could not have sounded any more like he was begging, even if he had dropped to his knees and said it while kissing Richard’s feet as he repeated the words again. Terra thought he was going to keep repeating them like a chant, but nothing more escaped his lips and his mouth hung open on the last word as Richard let the pages of the magazine turn before the boy’s eyes. Her eyes were drawn by the movement of the pages too, and several pictures of very muscular men posing naked together. She could not see it clearly, but the last section of the magazine seemed to contain pictures of two men having sex with each other, much like the first had shown three women together.

    “I will need to tell him something.” Richard replied. “I cannot have you working here as my cleaner any more. Not after this.” Josh frowned, horrified by what he thought Richard might say. “But, I think we can keep this between ourselves.” He offered a reassuring smile.

    “Yes uncle.” Josh replied, and then added. “I’m sorry.”

    “I will not say anything if you don’t.” Richard continued. “Not a word to anyone, do you understand?” Josh nodded solemnly, but he looked a little more relaxed and relieved. “Now, pull your trousers up and go home.” He told the boy, “Before I change my mind.” With that, Josh stood up, his knees trembling and let go of his t-shirt as he reached for his trousers. He instantly lost balance and fell back into the sofa, trousers in hand, and pulled them up. Terra got one last look at his penis, which had gone soft and shrivelled, and shrunk back to the size of a walnut between his legs, covered as it was still in his own wet, sticky juices. At last, Josh managed to pull his trousers all the way up, stood and reached out for the magazine. Richard withdrew it from reach and shook his head. “I’ll keep hold of this.” He said, and with that Josh silently made for the door.

    “You didn’t have to send him away.” Terra suddenly sobbed, as soon as she heard the door close. She wiped away a tear from her eye with the palm of her hand. “Now he will never come back.” She said, her voice returning to her. Richard looked bewildered, quite confused by this outburst, although her voice seemed so small and distant, far removed from the maturing girl of the night before. He made to say something, words that might have comforted her or put her at ease, but before he had a chance, she climbed over the arm of the sofa and started towards the stairs. “You are not horrible, you’re just mean.” She said, and ran up the stairs two at a time, along the landing and into the spare bedroom. The bedroom door slammed behind her.

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    Another great installment... can't wait to
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    A happy St Valentines Day to you all. ;)

    _ _ _

    Tears streamed from her weeping eyes as Terra marched purposefully across the bedroom and collapsed head first onto the bed, planting her head directly onto the nearest pillow. This was not a full blown tantrum of her formative years, but she was still extremely upset. The problem was that she could not be completely certain whom she was upset at. The majority of her frustration was directed at Richard for interrupting her fun when he was not meant to have been home for hours yet, and then for sending Josh home. But in truth, she was more annoyed with herself and her total inability to stand up for herself. She had wanted to, tried to and even heard the words in her head, but her mouth had stayed shut and not even a squeak had been said until Josh had gone. By then it was all too late.

    Terra was also annoyed at Josh too. His feebleness in front of Richard had upset her, and there was something else that she could not quite comprehend. The whole thing was turning into a hazy blur in her mind and she slammed her fist into the soft mattress as hard as ever she could. It bounced. She groaned, crossed her arms under her forehead and sulked. Her eyes felt sore, her eyes and nose both dripping to form a damp patch on the pillow, and she could still taste his semen in her throat. It was not the first time she had tasted the contents of a man’s ejaculation, that honour had gone to her stepfather. There had been others such as that boy in the bicycle sheds and her stepbrother too.

    The essence of Josh had tasted no different really to any of the others, as far as she could recall, but it was fresh in her memory and not unpleasant either. There was a somewhat stringy texture to it and a slightly salty flavour that lingered in her mouth, which she enjoyed even as she lay miserable on the bed. What disappointed her most though, she decided, was that she had been so close to having him inside her. So very nearly had she been to feeling something other than her own finger push into the sensitive hole betwixt her legs, and so agonizing it had been when Josh had cast her aside to defend himself from. She tried to focus on what exactly he had called Richard, without success. She had not heard it properly and he had only mumbled it once, or maybe twice, and nowhere near loud enough for her to understand it.

    Her attempt to recall the words brought her back to thinking of Richard, and how he had interrupted her fun. There were things she just did not understand, like why he had come home so early and what he was really upset about. His anger appeared to be directed more towards Josh than her, and she could not help but wonder how much he had actually seen. In the heat of the moment she had lost track of time, enjoying the feel of him between her fingers and in her mouth. She remembered how soft the skin around his penis was, the firmness of the inside, hard like a bone while the outside felt like it was not even attached. It was like how socks felt when she wore them on her feet.

    Terra liked thinking about his penis. It may have been thin and far from fully developed, but its fresh youthfulness gave it a quality that she found rather cute. The hair he had around the base of it was short and just in a small sort of patch, so none of it got in her mouth, and she had been able to pull the skin all the way back as she licked around its tip. These were qualities she decided were good, at least in comparison to that of her stepfather and others she had seen and played with. The sensation of having Josh in her mouth lingered on, and it caused the tingling feeling between her legs to return. Her hand automatically groped her crotch and she began to relax as her fingers found their mark.

    Downstairs, frustration marred the usually calm thoughts of Richard’s mind, filled as his head had become with indecision. He had spent much of the time since Terra had gone upstairs cleaning the flat, more to keep busy than from any real necessity to clean. The apartment was immaculately kept, and apart from putting the empty sandwich plate into the dishwasher and straightening the cushions on the sofa, there was nothing to be done. In the end, he had sat down on one of the sofas, the opposite one to where Josh had been, and stared at the table. More accurately, it may be said that he was staring mostly at the magazine as it remained stationary upon the table, but this did not occupy his thoughts for long.

    He had, for at least a moment or two considered whether the confiscated magazine had belonged to Josh or Terra, but had dismissed the notion that Terra could have owned it as he knew she had not been in possession of it when he had found her. The only conclusion Richard could reach was that Josh had brought it with him that morning. Another moment had been spent wondering what he should do with it, he was not sure if Terra had seen it already and if not he considered whether he should throw it away so that she would not find it. Mostly though, his mind drifted back and forth between Terra and the event he had just witnessed.

    Despite all moralistic intention, he had been struck by a feeling that he could only describe as pure jealousy. It had surprised him, caught him completely off guard and more worryingly to his mind than that, he had begun to wonder if he actually had a right to be jealous. He had found Terra, taken her home, looked after her, and in some ways he felt that they had been forming a connection. So to have Josh step in so suddenly and so fast had been entirely contrary to his expectations, and although he had until that point held only platonic thoughts and wishes for his guest, the scene he had walked in upon had changed almost everything.

    She confounded him so much that for perhaps the first time in his life he could not comprehend the processes of his own mind. Whether it was her propensity for persistent nudity, as though she felt more uncomfortable in clothes than out of them, or perhaps there was some intangible pheromone that had taken him under her spell, he could not tell. But he found himself drawn to her more than any woman he had ever met. Yet, even though it was obvious to his moral consciousness that the girl was but a mere youth, a nubile creature too young and impressionable, his entire sense of what was right and what was wrong had somehow abandoned him. Thus he failed in understanding as to why seeing Terra with Josh, and in such a compromising position, had only made his dilemma worse.

    Two, or maybe three hours passed while he sat there contemplating all, and two or three times he had made to go in search of Terra, to make sure she was alright or just from the desire to see her. He had not done so however, making it only as far as the staircase on the last attempt before sitting back down. He convinced himself on each occasion that it was best if she was left alone for a while, given some space and time to herself. Eventually though, as the light of the dull day outside dissipated beyond the distant horizon, Richard turned his thoughts to the rumbling of hunger forming in his stomach. When he stood again, he headed directly for the kitchen and began preparing their evening meal. He had no notion of what Terra might like for dinner, so he went with what he felt like and hoped she would like it too.

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    Going great. Loving it!!!!
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    By the time he reached the door of his spare room, Richard had prepared the evening meal and left it in the oven to bake. The cloud obscured sun was setting beyond the horizon leaving only a dull twilight outside. He had not stopped thinking about the girl he knew to be beyond the door before him. He had also reached the conclusion that his life would have remained considerably more simplistic had he left her on the street corner. But such an act of cruelty, perhaps even cowardice, was not in his nature. It was admittedly probable that few in his employ would ever remark that he was a man of impeachable moral principles, but none would describe him as being unfair. To those who knew him best though, he was at the very least a man of compassion. It was in his very nature to help whenever he could, and from the injured bird he had rescued in the woods as a child to industrial empire he owned, he took pleasure from his ability to care for others.

    “Terra,” He called through the door after knocking twice upon it. “Dinner is ready.” From behind the door however, came only silence, “Terra?” More silence followed, and growing concerned he opened the door a walked cautiously in. The light was on, dimmed to about half of its maximum output, giving the room a warm orange glow that flickered slightly. The bed looked as freshly made as it had that morning, except for a book that sat open and upturned. ‘The Adventures of Arden’ was printed on the cover as its title, which was a book Richard had enjoyed reading as a child. Terra meanwhile, stood at the window looking out, leaving him to stare at her back. She did not move as he entered the room, nor gave any indication that she was aware of his presence. He stepped closer and then closer again until he was standing directly behind her.

    His eyes were drawn to the flow of her long hair as it cascaded down her back, the symmetrical curve of her neck to her shoulders on either side with graceful poise. He followed the soft lines down to the arch of her back and where her low hips formed the cheeks of each buttock, and below a clear gap between her thighs where his imagination took over. She had long slender legs that reached all the way up from the smallest of feet and bony ankles. Yet the difference in their heights was more noticeable up close, the top of her head could quite neatly fit beneath his chin. The rhythm of his heart accelerated and his penis pressed against his fly as it swelled. There was an attraction he was becoming more aware of, though whether it was simply from carnal lust or something more sensual he could not tell. Whatever it was, it screamed at him to reach out and touch her, and he was only able to resist for so long.

    Over her head, he could see the reflection of their faces in the window. At first he had not been sure what she was staring out at, there was nothing except darkness beyond, but as he stood there he realised that it was the reflections that she was looking at. She was watching him in the glass as though it were a mirror, though the reflections were distorted by drops and the occasional trickle of rain on the other side. With this realization, his resistance failed. Ever so gently he placed a hand on each of her shoulders, the skin soft and smooth beneath his palms. She flinched, as though a cold shiver had run down her spine, but she did not move. He could feel her pulse, for it was running just as fast as his own heart pounding in his chest. The space between them perceptibly closed and he traced the contours of her shoulders down to the upper arms with both hands.

    At the elbow her arms bent slightly, for she was holding onto the window sill in front of her. At this point he let his hands slide from her arms onto her torso, and then down to her hips. His fingers curled their way around the fore part of her pelvis, and with his right hand he pulled her towards him. She turned, not resisting him in any way, and as she did so her head and eyes lifted to meet his own. His hands drifted to the bare mounds of her posterior as she rose onto her toes, pressing her expectant lips against his and her eyes closed. The same right hand rose to take up a supporting role on the back of her head, the thumb resting on her cheek, and for a moment he felt that he was holding her up with just that one hand as they kissed.

    Richard found that he was looking upon Terra through eyes that belonged to a body he was not controlling. His bodily motions had been taken over by his subconscious will, carnal and perhaps animalistic in origin, yet pure and natural in form. He had lost control of his senses to the passions of lust, and was rewarded as Terra melted into him, lips entwined. He had not planned or even desired to kiss her when he entered the room, nor even when he reached out to her. Yet when he considered it, the notion seemed inevitable. He had not known it before, but as he held her close and received her kiss in turn, all became clear in his mind. Everything that had come before, the confusion and the jealousy of his nephew had all been because he wanted Terra for himself, even if he had not understood it then.

    Terra slowly slid back until her feet were flat upon the floor again, and their lips parted. She opened her eyes once more. They were wide, bright and full of happiness, staring up at him gratefully as she bit upon her lower lip. Neither said anything for a moment, until Richard had regained control of himself. His hands still held her tenderly about the waist and he found that he was staring into her eyes. Conscious of this, he forced himself to look down, gazed upon her naked chest and her blossoming nipples and regretted it immediately as he stood there awkwardly in front of her. He searched his mind for something appropriate or at least sensible to say, and in failing to do so, simply asked whether she was alright. Terra nodded happily.

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    Awesome I can't wait for the next episode
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    “Probably best we have some dinner.” He said eventually, the purpose of his visit returning to him, “Before it gets too burnt.” Terra pushed her hand into his and followed him out of the bedroom, along the landing, and down the stairs without ever saying a word. She did not stop to dress and Richard found that he did not mind any more. She seemed to be more herself naked than when he had insisted on clothing her, as though nudity was her normal state of being. Nothing was said, because nothing needed to be. If either of them had any requirement for an apology for the upset earlier in the day, it had been resolved. Richard let go of her hand as they reached the kitchen, picked up the oven gloves from the table and used them to rescue their dinner.

    The dish he took out of the oven did not look burnt at all, but had a crisp brown coating over the top layer. There seemed to be far too much for just two people, and as Terra watched him dish out the hot food onto their two plates, it became clear that Richard had cooked twice as much as required. She looked down upon the plate as it was placed in front of her, with a mound of soft, steaming pasta on it, saturated in a thick cheese sauce and large chunks of bacon. With a long sniff, she breathed in the magnificent smell of her meal and grinned happily. Cutlery was placed on either side of the plate, but she waited until Richard had sat down and started to eat before picking up the knife and fork to start.

    “What do you think of the book?” Richard asked of her after a while, ending the silence between them. “I saw it on your bed. It was my favourite story when I was a boy.” He added. In fact, he had read ‘The Adventures of Arden’ several times when he was about Terra’s age. It was a story about a peasant boy from a mountain village who falls off the edge of the known world, discovers a mystical new land full of dangers, dragons and other strange creatures, and makes a lot of friends along the way.

    “It’s alright.” She shrugged when she had finished her mouth full of pasta she said, “My mum read it to me when I was little.” She added, “I was trying to find the bit where Faldrine catches Petal.”

    “You are welcome to read any of the books in your room.” Richard replied, wanting to encourage her. He had gained no real sense of her education level, and was pleased to know that she could read. At the very least it meant she had an interest in more than just television and magazines, which was more than could be said for Josh. He explained to her that he had read every book in there, and did not like to see them collecting dust. As an afterthought, he added that Josh had never been interested in reading. At this Terra frowned.

    “Why did he call you Uncle Dick?” She asked with open curiosity, placing another fork full of cheese covered pasta into her mouth. The name had suddenly flooded back into the forefront of her memory at the mention of Josh, and there was something about it that she just could not put her finger on.

    “Well,” Richard replied. “Josh is the son of my younger brother, which makes me his uncle.” He explained. “And Dick is just a nickname that some people call me sometimes.”

    “Oh.” Terra said thoughtfully, and then asked, “Why?”

    “It is quite simple really.” He answered. “Dick rhymes with Rick, which is short for Richard. Lots of people named Richard are called Dick, I guess because it sounds funny.”

    “On.” She said again, and for a while after she said nothing, concentrating thoughtfully on eating the meal before her. It was not until she was nearly finished that she looked up again and said, “I think my dad might be called Richard. My real dad, I mean.”

    “Why do you think that?” Richard replied askance, curious himself to know why she thought that and yet at the same time dreading that her father’s name might lead to him finding Terra’s real family just when he was getting accustomed to the idea of her staying.

    “My mum called him Dick.” Terra replied. “When I was little I thought that was his name. Mum told me that he was a really big Dick and that is why she had me.” She placed her fork down on the plate and continued. “But my step father said she only called him that because he looked like one.” She tilted her head slightly to one side and frowned again. “What does a dick look like?”

    “Its… err…” He hesitated, uncertain whether the dining table was really the best place to talk about this. He rallied his mind and replied, “Dick is a word that is used lot of different things. In my case it is a nickname used by my family and friends, but it is also a name given to someone who works as a private detective or a spy.” He paused nervously as she responded only with a blank look. “It is also another name for a penis.”

    “What’s that?” Terra asked, not understanding.

    “A penis,” Richard repeated, at first thinking she had simply not heard him clearly. But as it dawned upon him that she did not know what this word meant he frowned and tried to explain. “It’s a cock, a one eyed snake, a man’s Johnson, his John Thomas.” None of these names sparked a hint of recognition from her. “What a man uses to go to the toilet.” He finally said.

    “A willy…?” Terra asked pensively, not sure if she had followed his meaning at all.

    “Yes, a willy.” Richard smiled in relief, glad that the conversation had got somewhere at last. “A penis is the proper medical name for a willy.”

    “Oh… So, willy is like a nickname for a… a penis.” Terra thoughtfully replied, the last word sounding awkwardly unfamiliar from her youthful voice. “And Dick is…” She paused, tying two thought processes together. “But…” She attempted. “My dad doesn’t look anything like a willy.” A puzzled look spread across her beautifully young face. Richard was about to ask how she could possibly know that, then remembered that she had a picture of him, or did until her bag was stolen.

    “I am not sure he meant it as a compliment.” Richard replied evenly. From this, he gained the impression that her father was likely not called Richard after all, which left them no more closer to knowing the identity of the elusive man than before. Yet, in some ways, Richard was relieved. The kiss they had shared was the cause of struggle between his lustful physical needs and the moral compass at the centre of his rational head, and it was giving him a headache. It was difficult enough just to look at Terra as she sat in her natural naked state on the other side of the table without becoming aroused. From the front her bare chest looked almost completely flat, like that of a much younger child, had it not been for the angle of light upon it. The room was lit from high up in the ceiling that cast a slim shadow that curved around just beneath her nipples, emphasising the outline of her budding breasts. It was not much, but just enough for his eyes to be drawn to them until he became fixated upon them.

    “I was thinking that I should take you into town tomorrow.” He said when he had finished off the last pieces of pasta on his plate. It was an attempt to shake his carnal instincts from his mind by changing the subject. “We could have lunch out, and perhaps do some shopping, if you like.” Terra smiled and nodded in response. “Then…” He began to say, but his words and entire train of thought were cut off by the bleating sound of his phone ringing. He pulled the mobile telephone from his pocked and answered it, listened for a moment and then told the person at the other end that he would be there as soon as he could. When he had put the phone back in his pocket he turned to Terra and said, “I have to go out again, but I won’t be too long, an hour or two at most.”

    With that, he got up from the table, picked up their empty plates and loaded them into the dishwasher, which was now nearly full. When he returned to the table, he walked over to where Terra was sat, leant in and gave her a short but deliberate kiss before heading towards the door. He paused only long enough to put his shoes and coat on before he left, and Terra only watched as the door swung closed behind him.

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    more great chapters. Keep going!!!!!
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    “Good evening Mal, I’ll have my usual please.” Richard requested of the landlord as he entered the public house. He really need not have asked, for Malcom was already pouring the pint of golden ale into a glass even before he had entered. It always pleased Richard to be able to enter an establishment where he was known, but the Mouse and Crown was different. It was not the closest watering hole to his apartment, it was situated beside the old dockyard, but the place felt just like home to him. This was not simply because he had been there many times, but because he had a deep family connection to the establishment. More than that, he had a connection to Mal, for this was Richard’s younger brother. Growing up they had not been the closest of siblings, arguing and annoying each other as only siblings can.

    The difference between their respective ages was barely a month over two years, and much of their inability to coexist in their youth had been due to their obvious similarities. They shared the same interests, had the same temperament and wanted the same things, usually at the same time. This meant that they often clashed over even the slightest of things, especially when they hit puberty and found they were also interested in the same girls. But at the seasonal holidays and other large family events the brothers had generally been able to put their differences aside. Naturally it had been at one of those family events that had finally brought the two brothers much closer together. While drinking late into the evening, Mal had invited a neighbourhood friend to the party, a sweet although somewhat chubby girl by the name of Madelyn. One thing led to another and in the turbulent throws of a boisterous cider fueled drinking game both brothers had lost their virginity on the same night to the same girl.

    “Here you go.” Mal said, lifting the pint of ale onto a bar mat as Richard slid onto his usual stool in the corner. The pub was in an old and antiquated building that had stood in the city for hundreds of years. It had been decorated in a traditional rustic style to match its age, with white washed walls broken by a series of broad black painted beams. The ceilings were low, so that anyone taller than six foot was required to duck under some of the beams, and there was always a warm fire glowing under the mantle. It was a cosy place, and Richard could think of nowhere better to spend free time. Whether it was a working lunch or a long cold evening that until these last few days would otherwise have meant sitting at home in his apartment alone.

    They had grown up a lot since those wild teenage years. Malcom had married Madelyn and she had given him two wonderful children of his own. Richard however, had not been so lucky in his life. He had only ever enjoyed one long term relationship, from which he had gotten engaged. But when Richard had been required to devote all of his time to his work his fiancé, Gemma, had run away with another man and they had emigrated to another country on the other side of the world. Realizing that he was better off single, Richard had not pursued her and ever since he had kept any other women he slept with at an arm’s length. He knew this was not what he wanted and that it was not the way to go about forming a lasting relationship, but for a long time he had found it hard to trust anyone, except his brother.

    “So, you wanted to see me?” Richard asked and lifted the beverage to his lips to cover the fact that he was pretty certain he knew exactly why his brother had called him. Even so, he enjoyed the taste of the refreshing amber liquid as it slipped down his throat. It had been a few days since he had been able to visit his brother, ever since he had found Terra starving on the city streets. He had taken her in and looked after her, but in doing so he had taken on far more than he had bargained for. Terra was not the mere meek child she had appeared to be when he first saw her, curled up in a pile of rubbish. She was a bright, beautiful girl whom he was just starting to understand. It was a matter of being able to trust her, not that she had shown any evidence of being untrustworthy, but Richard still did not know quite what to make of the girl that had suddenly become the centre of his life.

    “Josh told me that you fired him today.” Mal replied. “But he would not say why. I was hoping you might explain it to me.” The friendly tone had gone completely from his voice.

    “I arrived home early and…” Richard replied with a long sigh, having fully prepared himself for this. “Well, I caught him rubbing one out to a porn mag.” He explained. “You know, normally I would not mind, he’s a growing lad, but he was there to work. He was meant to be working and this is not his first warning. The boy has to learn that his actions have consequences.”

    “Oh come on Dick, he is only fourteen.” Mal protested defensively for the sake of his son. “You can hardly hold him to the same standards as your other employees. He thinks you don’t want to see him anymore, he is really quite upset about it.”

    “I never said that.” Richard responded, trying to separate what he did say at the time from the mental image he still had of Terra’s firm young body knelt over the boy. “All I did was confiscate the magazine and send him home. I said nothing about him not coming back.” Richard paused long enough to swallow down some more of his beer. “It is lucky I was alone. I dare not imagine what might have happened if I had a client with me, or a woman, for goodness sake. Where did he get the dirty magazine from anyway?”

    “I am not sure, perhaps his friends at school.” Mal sighed. “It is not like you and I were any different at his age. Father would have gone mad if he had ever caught us back then.”

    “That was different.” Richard replied, shaking his head. “Father had us working in the factory then, and we never skived off or failed to finish a day’s work.” He finished off the last of his pint and placed the glass back on the bar.

    “Oh really?” His brother asked, perplexed. “What about that time you made me cover for you while you were doing it with that prostitute in the stock cupboard, or when you stole those…”

    “Alright, alright, fair point.” Richard conceded, putting his hands up in surrender. “I guess I can give him another chance.”

    “Good, because Maddy and I have a favour to ask,” Mal continued, while pouring another pint of ale.

  11. Mek

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    Richard returned to the apartment, to the place he considered to be his home, in a thoughtful state of contemplation. In some ways his life was perfectly simple, just how he liked it. But in others, it was becoming quite complicated. He was developing an attachment to Terra that he had not anticipated, but it was not something that he was prepared to share with the world outside, or even with his own brother. He also had certain family responsibilities in relation to his brother, the sort that he was not in a position to avoid or put off. Unfortunately, the one seemed inclined to conflict with the other and moreover, there was a very certain possibility that the conflicting two would soon cause a direct problem to his otherwise peaceable existence.

    He found Terra lying in her natural state upon the sofa, reading a book. It was not the same book that he had seen on her bed, but instead it was a story of a very different nature, a classical romance. Richard smiled to himself as he considered the sight before him while taking off his coat and shoes, and placing them in the cupboard. This was further evidence that she was becoming comfortable in his home, and that pleased him. It was even more evident when she realised that he was back. Terra dropped the book and jumped up, rushing across the room to greet him. She looked tired and had obviously been waiting up for him to return. She flung her arms around him and pushed her head against his chest.

    His hands instinctively held onto her as he braced himself against falling backwards, and lingered there as she pressed herself against him. When she stepped back, Richard found that he was looking down into her deep blue eyes, still bright but perceptibly darker in colour at that late hour of the evening, and in turn she looked up at him expectantly. Her arms were still around him, both hands pulling slightly on his back as she balanced on her toes trying to make herself as tall as possible. He paused, taking this in as his focused upon silencing his inner voices. Then, when he could not stand to leave her waiting any longer, he bowed his head lower and kissed her firmly, sensually and with a fair amount of passion too. It was neither a long kiss, nor one that involved all that much in the way of physicality with tongues and excessive groping, but it was heart felt and in some ways it was more meaningful than the first they had shared.

    Afterwards, Terra smiled up at him cheekily, turned on her heals with a sweet giggle erupting from somewhere within, before she returned to the sofa and her discarded book. He likewise grinned broadly, watching her walk away, her dainty hip bones swayed from side to side as she walked delicately across the floor. Richard sighed pleasurably, and then made his way to the kitchen. The clock on the wall above the kettle silently exclaimed the lateness of the hour as he regretfully glanced in its direction, and he decided to ignore it along with his impending tiredness for at least a little longer. In an effort to do so, he employed himself with emptying the dishwasher, a task he usually left to the cleaner out of an irrational sense that the machine offered greater respect to those that filled it, than those who emptied it.

    To his amazement, the task of emptying the kitchen appliance took far less time and effort than he had anticipated. The reason for which, Richard determined was solely intended to spite him in some way as he attempted to stall himself against the inevitable conversation he would eventually need to have with Terra. His previous attempt to convince her to sleep in the bed in the spare room had been entirely unsuccessful, resulting in her spending most if not all of the previous nights lying in his bed. The most rational, sensible voices in his head believed that it was better, safer and preferable if Terra slept that night in a different room to him, or better yet a different building. Of course, he had ignored those particular voices when he had kissed her, and the more impulsive irrational voices within his mind were becoming a lot more passionate about the subject.

    “I am going to bed.” He told Terra when he had finally prepared himself for what he wanted to say. By that point, he had left the kitchen, crossed the room and was half way up the stairs. He planned to bid her a good night, offer wishes that she would sleep well and tell her that he would see her in the morning. None of this made it past his lips however, and instead he said, “Come on up when you are ready.”

    Admittedly this was not a completely direct invitation for her to sleep in his bed that night, but it was so vague and ambiguous that it could easily have been mistaken for one. Indeed, its actual meaning was so unclear that he wondered whether he should clarify it with a further remark on the benefits of being comfortable in bed, any bed that was not his. By then though, he had reached the top of the stairs and was looking down upon where she lay, and he realised that he could not do it. Whether it was a form of cowardice that he had suddenly become afflicted with, something he had never had problems with before, or perhaps it was because… his thoughts trailed off for a moment as he looked down at where she lay, book in hand, spread beautifully along the length of the sofa.

    It was only at this point that he became aware that in staring down upon her, he realised that the reason his eventual wording had been so vague, while all other attempts to convey the message he had intended somehow failed to materialise in an audible format, was because what Richard actually wanted was the complete opposite of what the rational, logical voices in his head were shouting at him. He wanted to have Terra in his bed, and more than that, he was starting to develop the impression that he actually quite liked having her sleep next to him, even if she was completely naked. No, he corrected himself, he liked the idea especially more for the fact that she would be completely naked.

    Why exactly that was he felt awkwardly uncomfortable thinking about, for he was a man of moral principles, and he had believed that morally he was better able to control his carnal instincts than was currently evident. Moreover, his moral, rational, logical voices were certain that there was nothing remotely logical, rational or moral about sleeping in the same bed as a girl of Terra’s assumed tender age, especially if she was naked. Based upon past experiences though, with other women, those who were definitely of legal age, Richard had discovered that his rational, moral, logical mind had achieved absolutely nothing with those women. Whereas his carnal instincts had been responsible for most, if not all of his previous sexual endeavours, except of course the ones that had been thrust upon him by his brother, but that was line of thought he had no desire to revisit any time soon.


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    Love the story but the episodes are too short !!
    1. Please keep going ASAP please please